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What is a scholarship and how to get it?
Acceptance of applications for grant support of participants for 2021 has been suspended since May 27.
We would like to thank everyone who applied to participate in the Just Dilijan It! Programs. The number of applicants exceeded our expectations and the ability to provide financial support several times. No later than two weeks before the start of each shift, all candidates will receive a response from the organizers of the program.

Scholarship funds are limited. The need-based system ensures that scholarships are provided to those candidates who truly need them.

If candidates applying for the scholarship, they will need to fill out the financial assessment form. Together with the completed form, candidates’ parents must submit paperwork verifying the family's income and expenditures.

The Independent Financial Evaluation Committee shall review the submitted paperwork and determine the scholarship amount available to the candidate.

The suggested scholarship amount is final and can't be renegotiated.

Attention: the number of scholarship places is limited and distributed according to the payment for participation. The approved amount of scholarship support is valid for a week after receiving the contract. If the payment has not been made during this time, the proposal for the amount of payment must be reconfirmed by the organizer.

Fill out the application form, record the video interview and after your application is confirmed, you can apply for the financial assessment by filling the booking form.
What should I bring with me? Do I need to bring anything special for a particular program?
We recommend that you bring:

- Sweater, windbreaker (thin overcoat), jeans, warm socks
- Not less than two pairs of comfortable, sensible shoes: canvas shoes or sneakers (trainers)
- Light shoes such as sandals, ballet flats
- A selection of T-shirts, shorts, socks and underwear
- A set of smart clothes for the special events
- Sun protection: headwear, cream and sun glasses
- Swimming costume and flip-flops
- Washing and hygiene items: flannel; hair brush / comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap or shower gel
- Hygiene items for girls
- Your favourite tennis racket

We will provide you with all the program-specific items that you will need.
What documents do I need to bring along?
According to the agreement  you should have originals of all the following documents with you:

1. A current foreign passport (for non-residents of the Republic of Armenia)

2. A medical certificate, on the form provided, for the child to participate in summer camp, or a medical card detailing the following information:

- the full name of the child
- date of birth
- permanent address
- diagnosis (main, co-existing, complications)
- treatment date of the illness
- recovery date
- record of infectious diseases for the last month (stating the infection)
- brief medical history (check-ups, prescriptions)
- school Physical Education group
- advice and recommendations (in particular, suggested level of physical exercise and exertion for the child, especially for Physical Education classes)

3. Vaccination card

4. A notarized power of attorney, signed by both parents, allowing the child to leave the country of origin (for non-residents of the Republic of Armenia)

5. Medical insurance for the participant

6. Negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate or vaccination certificate.

7. Hardcopies of signed contract.
Do you recommend any flights?
We recommend purchasing Aeroflot flights, if you are travelling from or via Moscow. These flights will be accompanied by Just Dilijan It! staff. They will assist campers on all stages of travelling. However, if the participant is travelling alone, the supervision of a flight company staff has to be arranged.

For the 2021 programs, we recommend flying the following routes:

Interactive program and UWC Short Course (19th June – 7th July)
From Moscow to Yerevan: Aeroflot SU1862 (by June 3 SU1866)*, Departure at 15:55, 18th June, SVO Airport or Aeroflot SU1866, Departure at 10:05, 19th June SVO Airport.

From Yerevan to Moscow: Aeroflot SU1861, Departure at 13:35, 8th July, Zvartnots Airport.

Interactive Program and UWC Short Course (10th July – 28th July)
From Moscow to Yerevan: Aeroflot SU1862 (by June 3 SU1866)*, Departure at 15:55, 9th July, SVO Airport or Aeroflot SU1866, Departure at 10:05, 10th July, SVO Airport.

From Yerevan to Moscow: Aeroflot SU1861, Departure at 13:35, 29th July, Zvartnots Airport.

Family program (26th June – 4th July)
From Moscow to Yerevan: Aeroflot SU1862 (by June 3 SU1866)*, Departure at 15:55, 25th June, SVO Airport.

From Yerevan to Moscow: Aeroflot SU1867, Departure at 21:15, 4th July, Zvartnots Airport or Aeroflot SU1861, Departure at 15:55, 5th July, Zvartnots Airport.

Family program (17th July – 25th July)
From Moscow to Yerevan: Aeroflot SU 1866, Departure at 15:55, 16th July, SVO Airport.

From Yerevan to Moscow: Aeroflot SU1867, Departure at 21:15, 25th July, Zvartnots Airport or Aeroflot SU1861, Departure at 15:55, 26th July, Zvartnots Airport.

If you are unable to accompany your child, campers aged between 5 and 16 years can travel without parents under the supervision of a flight company staff. The staff will take care of children at all stages of their travels including check-in, boarding, flying, arrival and transfer if needed. For more details, please contact Aeroflot to purchase the service. Regarding the rules about the travels of underaged kids without parents’ supervision of other airlines, contact them directly.

* ATTENTION: on June 3rd Aeroflot air company informed that the flight SU 1866 on 18th June, 25th June, 16th July and 9th July from MOSCOW to YEREVAN has been changed for the flight number 1862. Date and time of departure remain the same. The departure time is 15:55. To rebook your special services company asked to contact Call Center.
How will my kid get to the UWC Dilijan Campus?
The group transfer from Zvartnots Airport and back is organized for all campers, arriving with recommended flights. In the arrival zone, the Just Dilijan It! staff will meet and accompany campers to the campus on comfortable buses.

The other group transfer is organized from the Republic Square in Yerevan for the participants of the Interactive Program and UWC Short Course at 12:30 on June, 19 and July, 10.

The road from Yerevan to Dilijan takes approximately 2 hours. In case you chose another flights, please let us know the arrival and departure details, we will provide you an additional information.
How many mealtimes are there each day?
Participants have five mealtimes per day: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper.
What are the security arrangements?
Round the clock video surveillance on the campus, and round the clock patrols by a licensed security firm.
How is first aid provided?
The campus has its own medical centre staffed with qualified doctors and nurses who are available 24 hours per day. If a specialist is required, the child will be taken to the Tavush medical centre which is open 24/7. If necessary, an accompanied trip will be organized to a medical facility in Yerevan.
How can I get in touch with my child if I need to? Where can I find contact information for the camp's Director, Facilitators and who is there to take my call at any time?
In each group there will be a telephone with an Armenian number, which you can call if you need to get in touch with your child. The contact information, and phone number, will be given to you by the manager upon request at the start of each group.
Do I need to provide any pocket money?
Kids will be provided with everything they need during their stay, this includes entrance to all excursions included in the program. During the excursion, the children will occasionally have the opportunity to buy souvenirs or non-perishable foodstuffs. You have to decide by yourself whether you will provide pocket money, and if so, then how much, as well as talking to your child about their responsibility to keep it safe (see the answer to the next question).
How are valuables secured (telephones, money)?
The college's academic building has enough lockers to secure valuable items. Each child at the beginning of each group will be provided with an individual locker in the room.
Who is responsible for the kids during their free time, who watches for them when the kids are away?
The program is organised so that your child will be supervised the whole time that they are not in their room.

According to the General Terms the kids are not allowed to:

- Be in the common areas without supervision or without the permission of the Program Administrators
- Leave the campus by themselves
- Leave the group during walks and events without the permission of a supervisor
- Violate the instructions of the Administrators or the Doctor
- Deviate from the daily schedule (available at
- Use, have on their person and/or distribute alcohol, narcotics, tobacco products, matches and lighters or explosives
- Leave their rooms unless absolutely necessary or without permission of the Program Administrators between 23:00 and 07:00, disturb the sleep of the other participants
- Be in the rooms of the other participants without their consent
- Cause physical or emotional harm to any other participant or staff member
- Undertake actions dangerous to themselves or to those around them
- Independently swim in the pond or pool without the consent and supervision of the Facilitators or swimming coach / lifeguard
- Cause intentional damage to property or campus facilities, i.e. destroy furniture, equipment or other objects found on the campus
- Make threats, extortion, theft or appropriating others' property
- Violate fire-safety precautions
- Take part in gambling or betting where money is involved, or organise any such activity
- Have any type of weapon about themselves of any kind; items used for self-defence; perishable goods or strong medicine. If any medicine is required, it should be handed over to the Doctor in advance who will be in control of dispensing it.
How can the kids keep their clothes clean?
There is a self-service laundry on campus. Once a week we'll make time for the kids to visit the laundry, where one of the Facilitators will help them out. Clothes can be washed, of course, whenever needed. We'll provide all the soaps and detergents.

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