Code of conduct

Just Dilijan It! is dedicated to providing an outstanding summer camp program for its campers. To accomplish this goal, campers are expected to behave appropriately and promote a safe, fun, and healthy environment through productive participation.We aim to promote character values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility in all aspects of our camp program. All campers and parents/legal guardians are expected to read this code together before arriving at camp. Please be aware that these rules do apply to adult participants of family programs.

1. Respect the rights and property of others

  • Do not touch other camper's belongings
  • Disrespectful, abusive language should not be used
  • Do not damage or deface camp facilities or property
  • Rudeness, lack of courtesy, and disrespect for personnel and administration will not be tolerated
  • Fighting and threatening physical abuse is not acceptable behavior
  • Boys are not allowed in the girls’ rooms; Girls are not allowed to visit boys in their rooms
  • All campers must be invited to enter other rooms
  • Items of clothing which display profanity; advertises products or slogans which promote tobacco, alcohol or drugs or are in any way distracting, will not be allowed
* JDI staff might search camper belongings with the camper present when the health, well-being or safety of the camper’s or others requires it.

2. Be concerned for the safety of campers and staff

  • No running in camp unless during an organized activity
  • Must wear closed-toe shoes for camp activities. Sandals are not safe on uneven terrain
  • Sleeping area shall be kept neat and free of litter
  • Throwing objects is not allowed unless it is a planned activity such as sports
  • No jumping or swinging on the beds or the rooms
  • Camper's cannot leave the grounds without an adult
  • All prescriptions and over the counter drugs must be given to the Camp Doctor immediately upon arrival at camp
  • All meals and snacks are provided; extra food, candy, drinks or snacks are not allowed

3. Everyone should participate in the planned activities

  • Be on time and ready to participate
  • If ill, report to the JDI medical staff or counselors
  • Be a positive team member for your group and for other campers
  • "Lights Out" means quiet and in bed
  • Mobile phone is only to be used during free time

4. The following items and activities are not allowed in camp

No second chances. Campers having or doing such will be sent home at the first infraction and at their own expense.
  • No alcoholic beverages, knives, firearms, fireworks, illegal drugs, matches, and tobacco are allowed
  • No gambling or betting with money, overly display of affection between anyone, fighting, threatening/physical abuse, stealing, tampering with emergency equipment, and being under the influence of drugs or alcohol are allowed at camp

UWC Dilijan's rules of conduct and accommodation regulations

Note: For UWC course participants only


    The following steps will be followed if a camper does not abide by the rules.
    • 1st Infraction: Discuss the inappropriate behavior with an adult staff member and clarify the rule.
    • 2nd Infraction: Camp Director and/or Camp Psychologist will discuss the inappropriate behavior and give a "time out" or appropriate consequence. Camper's appropriate attitude and/or behavior will be discussed.
    • 3rd Infraction or Any Behavior Listed in Rule # 4: Camp Director will request parent to pick up camper to be taken home at their expense.
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