UWC Dilijan campus

where JDI takes place

The UWC Dilijan Boarding School is a comfortable place for study, recreation and an active lifestyle. The school opened in 2014, and today 218 students from about 85 countries study in it. There are no boring classes and desks here as the design project provides access to knowledge anywhere and anytime. This maintains a continuously adaptive learning environment that motivates development and learning.

Campus area

The school's campus has been awarded several prestigious awards in construction and architecture, including the BREEAM certificate - evidence of global recognition of adherence to high environmental standards. The campus is guarded around the clock and is restricted to outsiders.


what facilities campus includes

  • Educational and administrative complex
  • Library
  • Residences
  • Medical center
  • Art workshops
  • Dining hall
  • Outdoor training areas
  • Multifunctional performance centre
  • Indoor sports complex (swimming pool, fitness centre, gym)
  • Outdoor sports grounds (Tennis court, squash court, volleyball and basketball courts, football field built according to FIFA standards)


Program participants live in 2 or 4-bed rooms. Bathrooms are located on each floor. The buildings are equipped with snack areas and comfortable recreation areas.


Armenia is a country with more than 5,000 years of history, where Western and Eastern traditions, culture and art, hospitality, openness and friendliness are combined. Many call the country an "open-air museum" because of the number of ancient monuments and the unique ecosystem. Many sights of the country are protected by UNESCO.

Armenia ranks 9th in the security rating of countries based on the 2020 Numbeo report.



currently live in Dilijan



above sea level



from Zvartnots International Airport



average temperature in summer


The city of Dilijan, where the programs occur, is the most popular health resort in Armenia. A quiet city 1.5 hours drive from the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, is located above sea level and is surrounded by the National Reserve forests. There are clean mountain air and mineral springs, and in summer, thanks to the unique climate, a comfortable temperature is maintained.

Dilijan is a centre for the development of the region. The anchor project is UWC Dilijan College, the first international boarding school in the post-Soviet space, part of the United World Colleges (UWC) movement.

Dilijan is included in the UNESCO Global Learning Cities List. In 2016, the international organization released the World Report on the Role of Culture in Sustainable Urban Development "Culture: the Future of Cities", in which Dilijan was named one of the brightest examples of sustainable development, and the opening of the UWC Dilijan school was recognized as the main driving force of this process.

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